I have received my very FIRST AWARD!!!  (JADIP BLOG)

Thank You to:

Bruce Johnson JADIP
Evil Twin
Bruce’s Evil Twin
The Dreamodeling Guy
The Guy Book
The Guy Book

*Okey back to bussyness*

Some of you guys asked me to tell you nore about what I do for a living and why I have been ranting about it recently. Well, to tell you the truth, I really didn't feel like blogging yesterday, or today but when I logged on and saw I got an award....I will tell you everything...but just this once.

I work at a destinations marketing firm, I do events management, go on tourism shows (Indaba, DStv Getaway ext). I am also responsible for a lot of printed material like brochures, maps, websites .. you get the picture.

We have recently come up with a concept for branding for one of our clients and we are going to launch this branding at a massive festival with a gala evening...the whole 9 yards... I wanted this event. I wanted to organise it, handle the sponsors, VIP guests..but I apparntly have a identity crises....and was told to take miniutes at the committee's meeting.

****PS. I am head of marketing for 3 other festival committees...so I do know what I am doing******

Okey...So yesterday the festival task team (made out of locals in the area) got together for their first meeting. With me playing as their personal secretary. It all began well until...the shit hit the fan and everything began to fall apart. Everyone took what they liked of the idea and just ran into the hills with it.

It grew from 4 days of festivities to a 4 month - thing. Apparantly there should be a min- festival held every weekend for 4 months!! WTF???? Have these people never organised anything in their lives?? DO they know how much work goes into a 4 month - thing?? (i call it a THING because I just don't know what they are trying to do.)

SO I sat back...watched the monkeys fight for the bananas and saw them all walk out of the meeting covered in their own shit.  I am now officially washing my hands in inocents and I am just going to let them devoire each other!!

This is going to be so good.....and as soon as my boss realises what is going on...I am going to sit back with my pocorn and watch him fall off his high horse.

I know this might be wrong...but carma is a bitch!!! Whahahaha!!!


Apfel said...

HAHA... I love those images! Congrats on your Award :)

Oilfield Trash said...

I love it.

Doria said...

And this is what they get for doubting you! Ha!

Chris said...

It sounds like you'd have tons to do, how do they manage to turn it into a job boring enough that you had to start blogging? ;)

I'd like to hear more about your pet lion.

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