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*Okey back to bussyness*

Some of you guys asked me to tell you nore about what I do for a living and why I have been ranting about it recently. Well, to tell you the truth, I really didn't feel like blogging yesterday, or today but when I logged on and saw I got an award....I will tell you everything...but just this once.

I work at a destinations marketing firm, I do events management, go on tourism shows (Indaba, DStv Getaway ext). I am also responsible for a lot of printed material like brochures, maps, websites .. you get the picture.

We have recently come up with a concept for branding for one of our clients and we are going to launch this branding at a massive festival with a gala evening...the whole 9 yards... I wanted this event. I wanted to organise it, handle the sponsors, VIP guests..but I apparntly have a identity crises....and was told to take miniutes at the committee's meeting.

****PS. I am head of marketing for 3 other festival committees...so I do know what I am doing******

Okey...So yesterday the festival task team (made out of locals in the area) got together for their first meeting. With me playing as their personal secretary. It all began well until...the shit hit the fan and everything began to fall apart. Everyone took what they liked of the idea and just ran into the hills with it.

It grew from 4 days of festivities to a 4 month - thing. Apparantly there should be a min- festival held every weekend for 4 months!! WTF???? Have these people never organised anything in their lives?? DO they know how much work goes into a 4 month - thing?? (i call it a THING because I just don't know what they are trying to do.)

SO I sat back...watched the monkeys fight for the bananas and saw them all walk out of the meeting covered in their own shit.  I am now officially washing my hands in inocents and I am just going to let them devoire each other!!

This is going to be so good.....and as soon as my boss realises what is going on...I am going to sit back with my pocorn and watch him fall off his high horse.

I know this might be wrong...but carma is a bitch!!! Whahahaha!!!

So it is Friday

A question:

I have seen a lot of blogs that have friday themes and some of them have the same theme. How does that work? Do you have to be part of certain group to participate in these themes?

Anyway..Back to the topic...

It is Friday and I am SOOO very glad that this week has come to an end! This has been the worst week that I ahve had in a LOOONG time. Just to sum it up:

1. I live on a farm on the outskirts of town, and this week the waterpumps that are responsible for giving us water from the local dam...decided to take a holiday...so this whole week we had NO water in the house...so i had to go and bum showers from who ever would give me one...At the gym, my friends house, the neighbours ext. which was almost the most imbarresing thing ever. The people from the pump-company (exuse the pun) have been working all week to try and fix it...and I am just going to completely lose it and have a nervous break-down if I still don't have water if I get home tonight.

2. My work situation - So I spoke to my boss this morning and told her that I know I am ready to take on more responisiblity in the workplace, that I am pasionatte at what I do and that I need to be part of the bigger projects to live out my passoin, to leave my mark in the company....and you knwo whst she told me?   I am just having an identity crises and that I should sort that our first. For now I can just observe and learn stuff....WHAT STUFF?? So yes....Fuck my life.

3. My farmer boyfriend....Still in one of his moods...when he gets home I just dissapear before he might explode and I am in the line of fire.

4. My weight!!! Yes..I am going there....I have been dieting like crazy and going to gym 5 times a week for the 2 and a half weeks and at the weigh in yesterday...Yes you guessed it....I picked up 4 pounds...what the hell man??

But at least it is friday and that should be something to smile about...Have a nice one guys....Don't do anything I wouldn't, but if you do, take photo's and put it on your blogs!!

p.s if you start following my blog, please let me know where I can find your blog. Would like to follow you as well.


Apparantly my "comment" section did not work. I disabled the verification code function. Please let me know if it is still not working. I'm on skype africa.life1.

Pissed off!!

Well today is DEFINITELY NOT a good day AT ALL!!!  It is in times like tis that I wish I was an extremist cult leader so I can just walk into my office and shoot all these bloody idiots with my AK747! That would not really make me happy, but it would be the first step to recovery!

Okey...long story short...I know I am still young but that has absolutely nothing to do with my willingness to learn and to be chalanged within the workplace!! DO not fucking treat me like I am a high school student. It seems all that I am good for is to sit in my little fucking cubicle and blog, serve the web, update ym status on social media ect. And I understand that this all may seem so to be not so bad....but where will I be 5 years down the line?

In this same fucking cubicle still doing the same old crap...because they never gave me a change to proof myself, to standout from the rest...I am busy dissapearing into the wallpaper.  But how do you say this to your boss??

Although she says that she does believe that I can do this project she just doesn't want me to do it?? NOw tell me what the fuck does this mean???  I am so bored with this job!!! I just want to do something exciting...something chalanging...something that will make me lie awake at night from excitement...not make me fall asleep at my desk!!

The highlight of my job is my once a year vacation....and I am 22...That is fucking sad!!

Okey..I am finished with my rage attack...Here are some nice pic for you guys!

Adult Content

Hi All...
I am in a love dilema...The thing is..I have been dating a guy for two years now and been living with him for 8 months....and now I am bored.

I met up accidentaly with one of my ex-boyfriends and he just intriged me. He was better built, more musculine, better conversation, better dancer...you could practically smell all the tetosterone. And where was my one and only when all this was going down you may ask....Playing pool and getting hammered with his buddies. Cuz taking a drunk guy home and hearing him puke has always been SOOOOO sexy!

But the thing is...it did not stop there. Since then I find myself flirting with all kinds of guys.. I just love the attentions compared to the little or none I get at home.

I just want to grab the closest gorgeous guy and snog the hell out of him.....What is a girl to do when there are guys like this out there?

I really do not know how people can get married to one person for the rest of their lives..It seems just so unnatural!! Need I remind you *scroll up*

You know what I think all this comes down to? Woman are worse than men...we like to perve, and flirt, and comment on sexy guys with our friends, and brag and and and...we are just better at hiding it than men are. And although most of us (me) will never act on these feelings we have to older/younger, more attractive, gorgeous, just want to eat strawberries and cream of their naked bodies....... ughm....

Where was I....Oh....we still love our men...because they love us even when we are sick, and bitchy and when your other is coming to stay for the weekend... that's why we love you too.

And here is something for the road.... *You can thank me later*

New Years Resolution

Good Morning All...

It is Monday and we are all back at work....AND it SUCKS.... There is absolutely nothing I hate more than a Monday morning spent anwsering useless e-mails, talking to jackassess and being stuck begin this F******NG desk. Why can't I have a cool job...like be a model or Miss Africa....so all I have to do all day is hang out with people next to the swimming pool and perving on my personal trainer....

Now, with all that in mind I am going to persuit my dream of being a Miss something...I do not really care what title I hold...but I WANT IT!!! So from today I have signed up at my local Gym, with spining and weight training classess. No hot personal trainer though!

So Guess which one I WILL NOT be by the beginning of summer?? 

Okey, because we are in Africa we are going into winter soon, so our next summer will start in September 2011. This will leave me more than enough time to reach my goals!! After which I will be this chick!

Yeah Yeah... I know that is a little bit overkill but who cares?

Resolution Number 2: Stop smoking

Okey and this is NOT what all of you are thinking. I am not going to stop smoking to "save all that money" or because "it is so bad for your health" and because "you will get cancer from all that smoking".  I am just going to stop smoking because I do not feel like it any more. I don't feel like going to stand 20 m from any building before lighting a sigarette...or to have to go stand in the 3x3 "room" for smokers when I want to have a drink at a restuarant or at the pub!! If I could have it my way my life would probably be something like this:

But then again..life is not perfect and you have to make the best of what you got. And right now what I got is a SHIT load of work...so no more blogger for me today...back to reality where I have no dreams, goals or motivation....But first...tea time with my best friend....Dunhill Menthol... *I am easing into it*


Peanut's Diary - 14 February 2011

Dear Diary,

Current Weight:    Way to much
Sigarettes for the day:    6
Number of house guests:    ZERO!!

Today is just not my day (Even though it is Friday).... First I overslept. Woke up 08:30, have to be at work by 9:00 minus the 20minute commute....Holy Shit!!!

Got up, Dressed (Skirt & shortleave shirt, and peep toe heals), brushed teeth, grabbed my laptop bag and rushed to get to the Bakkie.

08:42 Got outside: POARING with RAIN!!!!

Ran to the bakkie without changing and with screaming tyres I am off to work, soaking wet with my make-up dripping down the side of my face.

08:46  Road works.....F**********K.

09:13 Finally reach the office with my boss waiting inside for me. Handle her and her Blah Blah Blah..

09:22  Forgot to say CHEERS to my oh so lovely guests....Well at least they will get the message....

12:24 (Currently) Having my first cup of coffee for the day, and thinking of how I am going to spend the rest of my weekend...by myself.

Hope you All had a better start to your weekend.... If not here are some pics to make you smile!


About Me...

I am a 22 year old "girl"....working 120 hours weeks to pay off my massive student loan, living off minimum wage, with a flat and my trusted cat.

I always hate when people tell me that I have to enjoy my 20's...they are the best time of your life...Who the hell says that? Yes, trying to keep my 1986 Nissan "bakkie" going is a blast, not having time to go anywhere, or money for taht matter because every sent goes to paying my student loan, is awsum....having people coming to stay with you for 7 DAYS and them eating your whole months food is f-ing brillant. So now that that is out of the way....Africa Next...

I am from the BIG BAD AFRICA...I ride a elephant to work and have a lion as a pet. We do not have any starred streets or shops, docters, or paper money. We still live in villages with sangomas practising vudu and sacrivincing 2 week old babies to the ancesters. And yes, there are white people in Africa....

It is suppose to be summer here...but is is cold and grey...I do not feel like work today, I don't feel like going home (my very special Guests are still there). I just want to close my office door and fall asleep on my desk for 12 hours. And for everyone who is still on holidays .... YOU SUCK!!!

So that is a little bit about me...I am sure we will become close friends...You and Me....

Useless World Record facts

What is billed as the world's largest weather vane sits on the shores of White Lake in Montague, Michigan.

It's 48 feet tall with a 26-foot wind arrow and adorned with a 14-foot replica of a 19th-century Great Lakes schooner.

The world's largest coffee pot is located in Davidson, Saskatchewan. It measures 24 Feet(7.3 Meters) tall, is made of sheet metal and could hold 150,000 8 ounce cups of coffee.

The Tokyo World Lanes Bowling Center is the largest bowling establishment in the world. It has 252 lanes and one very tired pinsetter.

The World's Largest Catsup Bottle stands proudly next to Route 159, just south of downtown Collinsville, Illinois. This unique 170 ft. tall water tower was built in 1949 by W.E. Caldwell Company for the G.S. Suppiger catsup bottling plant. In 1995, due to the efforts of the Catsup Bottle Preservation Group, this piece of local history was saved from demolition and beautifully restored to its original appearance.

The longest Monopoly game ever played was 1,680 hours long, that's 70 straight days!

The longest Monopoly game in a bathtub was 99 hours long.

The highest wind velocity ever recorded in the United States was 231 miles per hour, on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, in 1934.

Howard Kinsey and Mrs. R. Roark, during a game of tennis, batted the ball back and forth 2001 consecutive times.

The World's Largest yo-yo resides in the National Yo-Yo Museum in Chico, California. Named "Big Yo," the 256-pound yo-yo is an exact scale replica of a Tom Kuhn "No Jive 3 in 1 Yo-Yo." Fifty inches tall and 31.5 inches wide, the yo-yo is made of California sugar pine, Baltic birch from the former USSR, and hardrock maple. It was first launched in San Francisco on October 13, 1979.

Victor Hugo's Les Miserables contains one of the longest sentences in the French language—823 words without a period.

The largest web-footed bird is the albatross.

On July 31, 1994, Simon Sang Sung of Singapore turned a single piece of dough into 8,192 noodles in 59.29 seconds!

At 12 years old, an African named Ernest Loftus made his first entry in his diary and continued everyday for 91 years.

Toronto, Ontario was home to the biggest swimming pool in the world in 1925. It held 2000 swimmers, and was 300ft x 75ft. It is still in operation.

In 1968, Steve McPeak traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles on a unicycle. The trip took him six weeks, but he planned for the long bike journey. He brought an extra tire and a spare heinie.

The biggest bell is the "Tsar Kolokol" cast in the Kremlin in 1733. It weighs 216 tons, but alas, is cracked and has never been rung. The bell was being stored in a Moscow shed which caught fire. To "save" it, caretakers decided to throw water on the bell. This did not succeed, as the water hit the superheated metal and a giant piece immediately cracked off, destroying the bell forever.

Shakespeare's most talkative character is Hamlet. None of his other characters have as many lines in a single play. (Falstaff, who appears in several plays, has more lines total).

The largest school in the world is a k-12 school in the Philippines, with an enrollment of about 25,000.

France had the first supermarket in the world. It was started by relatives of the people who started the Texas Big Bear supermarket chain.

If you walked the entire length of the China's Great Wall, you would be walking farther than the distance between New York City and Miami, Florida. The wall stretches for over 1,500 miles. The driving distance between New York and Miami is just over 1,250 miles. Provided you don't get lost.

In Muddy, Illinois, the post office measures only 7½ by 10½ feet, about the size of a garden shed. If it wasn't for a sign hanging above the door stating, "U.S. Post Office, Muddy, IL., 62965," finding the tiny, wooden building could be difficult. It is believed to be one of the smallest post offices in the United States.

Zaire is the world leader in cobalt mining, producing two-thirds of the world's cobalt supply.

The world's tallest mountains, the Himalayas, are also the fastest growing. Their growth - about half an inch a year — is caused by the pressure exerted by two of the earth's continental plates (the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australian plate) pushing against one another.

The biggest hog ever recorded was a creature named Big Boy who weighed in at 1, 904 pounds.

Belgian driver Jenatzy was the first to reach a speed of over 100km/h in his electrically powered car 'La Jamais Contente' in 1899.

Never mind what you saw in the film "The Poseidon Adventure." The biggest wave on record, reported by a reliable source, was estimated to have attained a height of 112 feet. It was measured, at some distance, I hope, by a tanker traveling between Manila and San Diego in 1933. The wind was blowing at 70 mph at the time.

On December 15, 1998, the Mayer Kaplan Jewish Community Center in Skokie, Illinois attempted to set the inaugural world's record for largest number of dreidels to be spun at one time. At least 200 people were needed to set the record.

The shopping mall in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada has the largest water clock in North America.
Linn's Stamp News is the world's largest weekly newspaper for stamp collectors.

The Bible is the number one shoplifted book in America.