So it is Friday

A question:

I have seen a lot of blogs that have friday themes and some of them have the same theme. How does that work? Do you have to be part of certain group to participate in these themes?

Anyway..Back to the topic...

It is Friday and I am SOOO very glad that this week has come to an end! This has been the worst week that I ahve had in a LOOONG time. Just to sum it up:

1. I live on a farm on the outskirts of town, and this week the waterpumps that are responsible for giving us water from the local dam...decided to take a this whole week we had NO water in the i had to go and bum showers from who ever would give me one...At the gym, my friends house, the neighbours ext. which was almost the most imbarresing thing ever. The people from the pump-company (exuse the pun) have been working all week to try and fix it...and I am just going to completely lose it and have a nervous break-down if I still don't have water if I get home tonight.

2. My work situation - So I spoke to my boss this morning and told her that I know I am ready to take on more responisiblity in the workplace, that I am pasionatte at what I do and that I need to be part of the bigger projects to live out my passoin, to leave my mark in the company....and you knwo whst she told me?   I am just having an identity crises and that I should sort that our first. For now I can just observe and learn stuff....WHAT STUFF?? So yes....Fuck my life.

3. My farmer boyfriend....Still in one of his moods...when he gets home I just dissapear before he might explode and I am in the line of fire.

4. My weight!!! Yes..I am going there....I have been dieting like crazy and going to gym 5 times a week for the 2 and a half weeks and at the weigh in yesterday...Yes you guessed it....I picked up 4 pounds...what the hell man??

But at least it is friday and that should be something to smile about...Have a nice one guys....Don't do anything I wouldn't, but if you do, take photo's and put it on your blogs!!

p.s if you start following my blog, please let me know where I can find your blog. Would like to follow you as well.


grüner Apfel said...

I looove the Kangaroo pic lol super cool... Hey you know it happened to me too, like when I used to work out like mad, I put on 6 lbs in a month but lost a lot in inches. Maybe it's just that you're building muscle and losing fat?

Living in India, water problems are no stranger to me. In fact we have a spare tank of water at all times, with enough water to last us for 2 days, just in case the water does not turn up, yeah!

Peanut said...

We also rely on tank water that gets pumped from the dam, but we always realize to late when somethings wrong water! But I just spoke to the guys fixing it and tonight I am going to take a hour long bath!!

So how is India? I had a friend that worked there for 3 months or something and all he could go on about is the very bad driving. Hahaha...He showed me pictures taken from his room and it just seems caotic!

grüner Apfel said...

You deserve the hour long bath! And your friend is right. It's CHAOTIC here.. Seriously, I don't go driving here coz' I happen to drive by rules like I did when I was studying out of India but here no one follows rules... It gets so irritating that I hardly step out of the house anymore!

Doria said...

I myself am happy for Friday also, whew. It's been terribly hecktic here at work, busy busy busy. I unfortunately have this company as my whole responsibility it seems. I handle everything from arseheads to the money. Wouldn't be as bad if I made more money... hahaha.. Good luck with that water situation. THat would be horrid! Have a great weekend, if you haven't noticed, I am a follower now!

JUST ME said...

Gaining weight in the beginning of a new workout regime is actually kind of normal, espescially if you're lifting weights.

Your body is just getting used to new the food / energy ratio and as we all know, muscle weighs more than fat!

Make yourself a nice sugar free hot chocolate with a ton of whipped cream and take a long hot bath. You deserve it!!!

Juniper said...

Let me get this straight - your boss told you that you were having an identity crisis??? Unbelievable. What sort of company is it (what does it do/produce)? What job were you employed for? How long have you been working there?

To find people's blogs, click on their name to go to their profile, then the blog(s) listed under 'Links' is theirs.


bruce said...

good post as usual!

you know what else is good?

hey guess what?

i gave you one! (JADIP BLOG)

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Mrs. Hyde said...

We had a water main break on my street this past weekend and didn't have water for 24 hours. I bitched incessantly about it and now I feel like a spoiled asshole because yours was out all week and YOU didn't bitch incessantly...or did you?

a bitch called mom

Not So Simply Single said...

Hilarious...spitting my coffee onto my computer...thanks for the giggle!


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