Pissed off!!

Well today is DEFINITELY NOT a good day AT ALL!!!  It is in times like tis that I wish I was an extremist cult leader so I can just walk into my office and shoot all these bloody idiots with my AK747! That would not really make me happy, but it would be the first step to recovery!

Okey...long story short...I know I am still young but that has absolutely nothing to do with my willingness to learn and to be chalanged within the workplace!! DO not fucking treat me like I am a high school student. It seems all that I am good for is to sit in my little fucking cubicle and blog, serve the web, update ym status on social media ect. And I understand that this all may seem so to be not so bad....but where will I be 5 years down the line?

In this same fucking cubicle still doing the same old crap...because they never gave me a change to proof myself, to standout from the rest...I am busy dissapearing into the wallpaper.  But how do you say this to your boss??

Although she says that she does believe that I can do this project she just doesn't want me to do it?? NOw tell me what the fuck does this mean???  I am so bored with this job!!! I just want to do something exciting...something chalanging...something that will make me lie awake at night from excitement...not make me fall asleep at my desk!!

The highlight of my job is my once a year vacation....and I am 22...That is fucking sad!!

Okey..I am finished with my rage attack...Here are some nice pic for you guys!


grüner Apfel said...

Maybe you should try talking to your boss again you know! Like really serious talk. I mean this is your age to experiment and eventually once you're settled down you would be stuck in a routine too..

bruce said...

yay! the commenter is not broken...

i hope!


Doria said...

I feel your pain. My job is dead end and going no where. Im in the process of better myself for other opportunities. Im a bit older than you, but it can only get better! You should press it at work or maybe just work up a good resume and find something bettah! Good luck. I feel your pain!

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