Peanut's Diary - 14 February 2011

Dear Diary,

Current Weight:    Way to much
Sigarettes for the day:    6
Number of house guests:    ZERO!!

Today is just not my day (Even though it is Friday).... First I overslept. Woke up 08:30, have to be at work by 9:00 minus the 20minute commute....Holy Shit!!!

Got up, Dressed (Skirt & shortleave shirt, and peep toe heals), brushed teeth, grabbed my laptop bag and rushed to get to the Bakkie.

08:42 Got outside: POARING with RAIN!!!!

Ran to the bakkie without changing and with screaming tyres I am off to work, soaking wet with my make-up dripping down the side of my face.

08:46  Road works.....F**********K.

09:13 Finally reach the office with my boss waiting inside for me. Handle her and her Blah Blah Blah..

09:22  Forgot to say CHEERS to my oh so lovely guests....Well at least they will get the message....

12:24 (Currently) Having my first cup of coffee for the day, and thinking of how I am going to spend the rest of my myself.

Hope you All had a better start to your weekend.... If not here are some pics to make you smile!



grüner Apfel said...

I took like 5 minutes to understand this post because I thought it was a Valentines Day post you wrote to the future you. But as and how I went on reading it just got worse and I was like 'this cannot be right' :P Finally I checked on my calendar and found that you meant 14th Jan, rofl

Peanut said...

Haha! Yes I know I made a mistake with the date..but whatever...

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