New Years Resolution

Good Morning All...

It is Monday and we are all back at work....AND it SUCKS.... There is absolutely nothing I hate more than a Monday morning spent anwsering useless e-mails, talking to jackassess and being stuck begin this F******NG desk. Why can't I have a cool be a model or Miss all I have to do all day is hang out with people next to the swimming pool and perving on my personal trainer....

Now, with all that in mind I am going to persuit my dream of being a Miss something...I do not really care what title I hold...but I WANT IT!!! So from today I have signed up at my local Gym, with spining and weight training classess. No hot personal trainer though!

So Guess which one I WILL NOT be by the beginning of summer?? 

Okey, because we are in Africa we are going into winter soon, so our next summer will start in September 2011. This will leave me more than enough time to reach my goals!! After which I will be this chick!

Yeah Yeah... I know that is a little bit overkill but who cares?

Resolution Number 2: Stop smoking

Okey and this is NOT what all of you are thinking. I am not going to stop smoking to "save all that money" or because "it is so bad for your health" and because "you will get cancer from all that smoking".  I am just going to stop smoking because I do not feel like it any more. I don't feel like going to stand 20 m from any building before lighting a sigarette...or to have to go stand in the 3x3 "room" for smokers when I want to have a drink at a restuarant or at the pub!! If I could have it my way my life would probably be something like this:

But then is not perfect and you have to make the best of what you got. And right now what I got is a SHIT load of no more blogger for me today...back to reality where I have no dreams, goals or motivation....But first...tea time with my best friend....Dunhill Menthol... *I am easing into it*



grĂ¼ner Apfel said...

I miss my Dunhill Menthol days!!!

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