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Hi All...
I am in a love dilema...The thing is..I have been dating a guy for two years now and been living with him for 8 months....and now I am bored.

I met up accidentaly with one of my ex-boyfriends and he just intriged me. He was better built, more musculine, better conversation, better could practically smell all the tetosterone. And where was my one and only when all this was going down you may ask....Playing pool and getting hammered with his buddies. Cuz taking a drunk guy home and hearing him puke has always been SOOOOO sexy!

But the thing did not stop there. Since then I find myself flirting with all kinds of guys.. I just love the attentions compared to the little or none I get at home.

I just want to grab the closest gorgeous guy and snog the hell out of him.....What is a girl to do when there are guys like this out there?

I really do not know how people can get married to one person for the rest of their lives..It seems just so unnatural!! Need I remind you *scroll up*

You know what I think all this comes down to? Woman are worse than men...we like to perve, and flirt, and comment on sexy guys with our friends, and brag and and and...we are just better at hiding it than men are. And although most of us (me) will never act on these feelings we have to older/younger, more attractive, gorgeous, just want to eat strawberries and cream of their naked bodies....... ughm....

Where was I....Oh....we still love our men...because they love us even when we are sick, and bitchy and when your other is coming to stay for the weekend... that's why we love you too.

And here is something for the road.... *You can thank me later*


grĂ¼ner Apfel said...

I so completely hate it when boyfriends take their gf's for granted. There was this one time when my ex got drunk while hanging out with my group of friends (all girls) and then was so hammered, I am surprised we did not die in a road accident that night before getting home! Ughh!!

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